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Great Blue Heron Outdoors was born from the love of wading waters and exploring rivers, streams, and wetlands.

Wading is “getting your feet wet,” which is to say, experiencing the authentic.

For us, wading is standing in a flowing stream to cast a fly or carefully manuevering through the moonlit predawn waters of a marsh to set decoys. It's stepping into the waters of a blueline after a long hike to find it. It is pulling a canoe to shore or pointing out a crawdad on the pebbled creek bed to a delighted child. Wading touches every aspect of appreciating our water ways.

We were inspired to facilitate these experiences by opening Great Blue Heron Outdoors in order to bring to you the gear you need to Wade On In. Our motto is to take Only What You Need - and you don't need expensive gear to get started. Let us help you find an affordable fishing rod or wading gear!

Another source of endless inspiration for us has been the voices of artists - photographers, illustrators, writers, poets, sculptors, painters - who share with us the natural world. We wanted to bring some of the joy of their perspectives into our community by promoting their work. Sharing with the community our love of nature and waterways has been our biggest motivator.

We look forward to knowing you,

Bob + GBH Outdoors Team


Why Coffee?

Because authentic experiences should be shared just like kettles of coffee. Bring a friend or make a friend! Or better yet - do both. We're a community here at the Heron's Roost, and we invite you to visit for an great cup of joe.




We believe it's important to Wade On In and Get Your Feet Wet. We are active, aware, and curious.



Like the great blue heron, we emphasize patience. Our wading and paddling is quiet, observant, and deliberate. We often think of our activities as "waiting" sports.



Whether we are selecting gear or planning an activity, we value simplicity. We are self-sufficient and enjoy our activities with minimal gear.



We are respectful to our environment, the animals we pursue, and each other. We believe in being generous, inclusive, courteous, and kind.